Ledegance is a division of Nularis Energy Solutions

Ledegance provides quality LED lighting to commercial enterprises nationwide. Ledegance works through the energy efficiency programs of the utility companies in your area. Because LED technology improves day by day, so does our team of technicians that includes engineers, electricians, marketing/sales representatives, accountants and decennial experienced business managers.

Since 2010, we have been successfully illuminating major retail chains, five star hotels, golf resorts, universities, hair salons, luxury residential buildings and hundreds of other businesses. See Case Studies.

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Ledegance is a business unit of Nularis Inc and Nularis Electrical LLC CSLB License #1043738


 After the installation of LED lighting you will see immediate changes and get great benefits:

1. Your electric bill will go down by up to 80%

2. You won't need to change a bulb for the next 5 years: LED technology lasts up to 25 times longer than conventional incandescent lights

3. You will do your part in saving the Earth: LEDs use more efficient energy
generating less heat than traditional lights. Therefore you will also save on air conditioning costs

4. You will receive a 5 year warranty on all our products